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This series represents a completely new generation of UPS systems, incorporating the latest technological developments in power engineering. It provides steady and reliable power to the loads when the mains electricity is normal and keeps the power steady and unchanged by batteries during an input power failure. Its on-line double conversion topology and advanced digital control system fully satisfies the highest availability.

EG5000: Team

Technical Specification

General Data    EG5000   
Capacity kVA    10    -    800    
Output Power kW    8 -  640 
Dimensions mm/W*D*H    280*730*668    320*780*788    2400*960*2000
Weight kg   40 - 2800    
Input Power Factor    >0.99
Voltage    AC220/380±25%   
Phase    Three Phase    

Frequency    50HZ±5%
Output Power Factor    >0.8
Voltage    AC220±1%    

Overload Capability    10 min:110% load
Crest Factor    3:1
Distortion    With Linear Load <3%

Heat Dissipation KW    5%Pe
Efficiency    95%
Switching Time    Zero
Monitoring Display    LED+LCD
Noise    <50dB   

EG5000: Welcome
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